Billy Porter Drops an Instant LGBTQ Classic: Love Yourself

Billy Porter Drops an Instant LGBTQ Classic: Love Yourself

Billy Porter has been around the block before. You may recognize him from FX’s hit series Pose, which is off to a good start in its second season, or you may have been following since the beginning of his Broadway career. Either way, there’s no denying that now, here in 2019, is Billy Porter’s time. And what better way to establish himself as an LGBTQ icon than to release a single that is full of self empowerment and confidence.

If you’re a queer person and you have been on the internet lately then you’re no stranger to the dialogue Porter has created over his attire on the red carpet over the span of the past year. Porter has positioned himself as the harbinger of a very necessary conversation, and one that we can win in 2019. This song, an anthem to queer people everywhere helps to solidify our right to live how we naturally exist.

It is as if Billy has taken all of his bravery, power and confidence, bottled it up and focused it into a song made just for us. So play it loud and let the message ring clear: Can’t nobody bring you down. All you have to do is love yourself.

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Johnathan Gibbs

Johnathan Gibbs, also known as blasianFMA online, is a content creator, podcaster, activist, serial panelist, and bubble tea enthusiast. His work in activism began with his youtube channel "blasainFMA" in 2008, in which he worked to bring awareness to multiracial issues surrounding the intersection of Black and Asian identity. He later enjoyed at 60 episode run of his first podcast "Edugaytion" which covered QPOC issues from the point of view of people from around the United States. He is now working on a newly launched podcast, "This QPOC Life" which is a spiritual successor to the Edugaytion series, reimagined and ever evolving to be more sensitive to all marginalized communities. Johnathan enjoys playing video games and going on walks in Brooklyn and Manhattan. He is open to walking around other boroughs.

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