April 3, 2018

Community Post Calling: Your Favorite NYC QPOC Spots

Category is... NYC QPOC SPOTS


Our friends over at Thrillist made this post a couple of years ago and recently updated it. Best Gay Bars in NYC. Notice anything lacking? Like… Melanin? Seems about white.
It was brought to our attention that some QPOC calling this out by commenting on the post have allegedly had their comments deleted [we have screenshots of comments that existed but are no longer there]. This is unfortunate, but predictable and expected.

Time to make our own list!

What’s YOUR favorite Gay Bar in NYC? Better yet, do you have a favorite Lesbian bar? Is there a spot that is overwhelmingly Trans friendly? Tell us about your favorite QPOC spots in the city.
Please provide the name of the joint, the location, and a picture in the comments below. We will compile the data and make a counter post.
Let’s do this together!

What do you think?

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