Monster Bar Owner Shuns Accountability: “this is a campaign to smear and assassinate character”

In an exclusive interview with Monster Bar’s owner Charlie Rice, New Now Next releases some very interesting and upsetting information. In case you hadn’t heard, over the weekend, national treasure and drag queen extraordinaire Honey Davenport cancelled her performance at the iconic venue in light of racist conversations that had previously unfolded over the promotion of events at the Monster Bar in NYC.

















After Davenport exited the venue, video of the incident, along with the screenshots of the conversation in question (pictured above) went viral. Monster Bar’s initial response was issued from Rice:

And then it was left up to the public to decide on whether or not they would take this apology at face value and let The Monster off, or whether they would wait for things to simmer down, see if the reaction was sincere, and if the training would work toward making The Monster Bar a more inclusive and safer space for QPOC in NYC, Black people, specifically in this case.

But Mr. Rice must have been feeling a certain kind of way, with multiple events pulling out from the venue, and the potential loss of revenue threatening his business dealings, because then we received news that Charlie was blaming the DJ-Promoter, Mitch Ferrino, for the entire situation.















Definitely not a good look. These screenshots create a lot of speculation as to whose side Rice is on, and what he actually believes is the right course of action. Well; then we got the New Now Next Exclusive, and he removed all doubt.

When asked to give an update on the situation, Mr. Rice responds that this entire thing is a smear campaign being orchestrated by a disgruntled employee while using Honey Davenport as a pawn.

When asked if he was blaming the messenger instead of focusing on the message, Mr. Rice responds that the General Manager, Italo, doesn’t have a clear command of the English language, and so his message may have come across a certain way.

In the follow up to that question, in which New Now Next asserts that the message was not unintelligible, Mr. Rice doubles down on his dodging of the main issue of racism, and continues to claim that this is a grand scheme; a smear campaign.

And when New Now Next finally confronts Rice, asking if he believes Italo had any racist intentions, Rice responds, decidedly that Italo made a mistake, that there was a language barrier and that he, himself (Mr. Rice) is Mexican-American and was called the N word, as if this somehow absolves him of his defense against this blatant anti-blackness.

Most recently, the Monster Bar Facebook page has posted an update, thanking New Now Next for allowing Charlie Rice the opportunity to tell “his side” of the story. However, the LGBTQ community is having none of it. Commenters point out that Rice is attempting, now, to spin the narrative and play the victim in this debacle, shunning all accountability, and shooting himself in the foot in a situation where he had set himself up on a road to recovery. 

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Johnathan Gibbs

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