Hello Moto(ki) ft. Motoki Maxted

This week we welcome Motoki Maxted, a multi talented content creator and all around “nice guy.” In this episode we talk about Motoki’s career in social media, his rise to popularity, growing up Asian in a rural and Christian area, and

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I Am Not My Hair

Episode 71 You, dear listener, might have wavy, curly, coily, or kinky hair. TODAY, we’re talking about the obsession with our hair. Not our own obsession with our hair, #TeamNatural. Rather, the obsession non-POC seem to have with touching our

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Close of up Black person with a gas mask. For social media.

Letting Go of Toxic People

Episode 69 Leaning in (and leaning over) to 2020, you might be examining your relationships and grappling with people who are toxic in your life. The blurring edges between social media and real life don’t make that a walk in

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This is 2020

Episode 68 We’re This QPOC Life and this is… 2020! The core four are back with a self-care check-in and setting our intentions for a new decade. Carlos gets mixed and mingled, Johnathan gets bit by the travel bug, Jo

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The Boy Who Kicked the Beedrill’s Nest

Episode 65 GROW THE COMMUNITY If you believe in the work we are doing, invest in our success, become a Patron on Patreon! Thank you to all our Patrons. Subscribe to (and rate) the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify! Follow This QPOC

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What’s in a Name?

This week the QPOC crew discusses names, dead names, and the role social media plays in either affirming individuals who do not go by the names on their government documents or how those social media giants act as hurdles to people who have moved on from that chapter of their life.

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