Friends and Monsters

Friends and Monsters

Friends and Monsters

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In Episode 31, the Core Four chop it up about what to do when you realize your friends and favs might be problematic. We discuss Honey Davenport’s exit at The Monster, authentic self-care, emotional labor, and Bette Midler wins Bloop of the Week.

Cheers to an NYC Icon

In celebration of LGBTQ History Month, we honor the memory of Ms. Colombia, who passed away on October 3, 2018. She was found in the waters off Riis Park in Queens. At the moment, NYPD doesn’t suspect foul play.

Jo Lee shares their memory of the beloved queer icon. To learn more about why Ms. Colombia was so special, you catch watch this docu-series No Your City.

Serving Honey to Monsters

It’s definitely a Drag Con weekend for the history books. Captured in a video that went viral, Honey Davenport calls out racists comments made by the general manager of  The Monster, a mainstay gay bar on Christopher St. The owner, Charles Rice, release his own statements in response. You can read the full story on New Now Next.

Your Friends are Problematic

In what feels like should have been a moment for New York’s queer community to band together against racism, attitudes defending the Monster came to light. The Core Four get into it about dealing with the people in your friend circles who reveal problematic behavior and beliefs.

Bloop of the Week: Bette Midler

“Women are the n-word of the world.”

Bette Midler included this lyric (which was problematic when it was written in the 70s) in a recent tweet, now deleted. Careful what you Tweet folks, the Wayback Machine exists.

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