Hey Xorje! Queer on the Borderline

Hey Xorje! Queer on the Borderline

Hey Xorje! Queer on the Borderline

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In Episode 32, the Core Four welcome our guest Xorje Olivares (@XorjeO & @HeyXorje). Xorje is a queer Mexican-American radio personality and columnist who hosts Affirmative Reaction on SiriusXM Progress, Channel 127. Carlos becomes an assassin in their spare time, Zach’s out of pills, Jo Lee is on #ThisFentyLife, and Johnathan sends Zach late-night messages.

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Before Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk is might be the most famous queer political figure of the early  LGBT rights movement. But, he wasn’t the first! That honor belongs to José Sarria, a.k.a. The Grand Mere, Mama Jose, Absolute Empress I de San Francisco, and the Widow Norton.

Hey Xorje!

We are so happy to welcome Xorje to our show, who hosted Carlos, Johnathan, and Jo Lee on his show, Affirmative Reaction. Xorje shares his story as a Mexican-American growing up in a Texas border town. He tells us about coming out as gay to his Catholic family and intentionally taking ownership of his latinidad.

Columbus Day is Cancelled… OFFICIALLY

In more recent years, Columbus Day has been rebranded as Indigenous People’s Day. We talk about the origins of Columbus Day and Jo Lee faking a headache to get out of marching in a neighborhood parade.

Have you ever faked an illness to get out of an uncomfortable or problematic situation? Let us know!

Bloop of the Week: Robert Ortiz

If you check out our blog, you’ll have read Johnathan’s write up about a viral video of Robert Oritz, an openly gay Latino, ranting in the back seat of a cab. Ortiz, who proclaims that he supports Trump, calls the driver “racist against gays”. The driver, Shaun Pepas, is black.


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