Let’s Talk About Race

Let’s Talk About Race

Let’s Talk About Race

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On Episode 12, This QPOC Life officially joins the BRIC Media Arts Center family of podcasts. The gang gets a little heavy with the first in a series of intentional discussions on race. Our goal is not only to create a safe and fun listening space for QPOC everywhere. We want to establish meaningful dialog on issues that affect us as as people who live on the intersection of being Queer and POC.

On The Tea

  • Offset and Cardi B are criticized for the Migos star’s homophobic lyrics.
  • #OscarsSoWhite: Were steps taken to improve POC visibility at the Oscars?
  • Larry Nasaar sentenced to 175 years in prison.
  • Bloop of the Week: Lynne Patton vs April Ryan. #MissPiggie

Drag Race Recap

Carlos, Zach and Jo Lee dish on episode one of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 3.

Let’s Talk About Race

As This QPOC Life becomes a part of the BRIC family, the crew reflects on why we started the podcast. We discuss how we define racism moving forward. We share our individual stories about when we first became aware of race and racism in our lives.

This episode also opens with one of Jo Lee’s Jamuary tracks! You can listen to them on SoundCloud.

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