Letting Go of Toxic People

Letting Go of Toxic People

Episode 69

Leaning in (and leaning over) to 2020, you might be examining your relationships and grappling with people who are toxic in your life. The blurring edges between social media and real life don’t make that a walk in the park. As the conversation about “cancel culture” heats up, is it okay to cut those people from your life?

The Core Four dive pretty deep talking about their own experiences in dealing with toxic people. Sometimes, that’s looked like letting go of people associated with toxic memories.

Family members, partners, friends-with-benefits, and acquaintances can all be toxic influences in your life. They’re not easy to deal with in an ongoing basis. Letting go of those people can be just as difficult. What if you are the person who needs to be dealt with?

Relationships are hard. But the relationship you have with yourself is worth asking these questions.

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