I Am Not My Hair

I Am Not My Hair

Episode 71

You, dear listener, might have wavy, curly, coily, or kinky hair. TODAY, we’re talking about the obsession with our hair. Not our own obsession with our hair, #TeamNatural. Rather, the obsession non-POC seem to have with touching our hair.

You probably had a variation of this conversation at least once in your life: “I just love your hair! It’s so beautiful. Can I touch it?” A lot of the time, you’re lucky if they ask. Why is it, for many POC, our hair becomes a reason to establish personal boundaries with others?

Beyond hair, we talk about expectations to conform to a particular professional (Read: White) image. Natural hairstyles like locs or afros are banned in the workplaces. Women might be “expected” to wear heels. You might dress in a manner that’s “too flamboyant”. How do you unpack that in order to live more authentically?

Ashley Nesby is back for an encore performance. She joins the Fab Four in to create the Thriving Five. We jump into self-care as Jo Lee bites the bullet, Johnathan feels like a baby, Zach is SO humble, Carlos uses the force, and Ashley tells the family business.

Our Guest

Ashley Nesby: https://instagram.com/ashley_larae29

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