The Anti Violence Project with Raffy Regulus

In episode 29 we talk about Spider-Man, The Kiki Scene, Ballroom, TW Trans Murders/Homicides, and the Anti Violence Project with Raffy Regulus. To learn more about the Anti-Violence Project and get involved, visit: www.avp.org. If you have experienced or witness

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RIP Aretha and Doctor Stories

In Episode 28, we begin Season 2 of This QPOC Life! Grow the Community If you believe in the work we are doing here and want to invest in our success financially Become a Patron on Patreon! Thank you to

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Once on this Podcast

In Episode 27 we sit with Cassondra James Kellam and Solomon Dorsey to talk about life, music, broadway, the church (of course) and Once on this Island, the Tony Award-winning musical revival. Grow the Community If you believe in the

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#ChurchHurt and the Lies Adults tell Us

In Episode 26, we talk about #ChurchHurt, the controversy surrounding Leandria Johnson and the hypocrisy of the church; The children being separated from their families at the border, white people calling the police on black people for just existing, and

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Mid Summer Update

In Episode 25, we’ve been on vacation but really we’re all working hard. June was Pride month, and we take this hour to reflect on that. It’s just Marymartha and Johnathan in the drivers seats, but we are yet here!

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Colorism in the Queer Asian Community

On episode 24, we are celebrating Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month. This week Johnathan is joined by Sen, Binh, and Priya. They discuss issues of colorism, white supremacy, and privilege in Queer Asian every day life, interactions and dating. Check

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Navigating Life as a Queer Asian

On episode 23, we are celebrating Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month. This week Johnathan is joined by Patrik Liin, Dilys, and Karim. They discuss a few news items, Han privilege, Desi people, Crazy Rich Asians, and navigating life as a

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Gay Latino Caucus of NYC

On episode 22, Carlos and Jo Lee welcome Emerson (@emersonsoto1) and Sam (@sdgram88) from the Gay Latino Caucus! You may remember hearing about the GLC on a previous episode when Carlos recounted an important lesson: Go third! Producer Pedro also

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An Afternoon with Todrick Hall

In episode 21 we had a chance to sit down with Todrick Hall during his NYC stop on his Forbidden tour. In light of his recent video “Not Black Enough”, I wanted to address some of the issues that many

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