These QPOC Dice (A Dungeons and Dragons Extravaganza)

These QPOC Dice (A Dungeons and Dragons Extravaganza)

Episode 67

The Core Four are joined by the illustrious Raffy Regulus. It’s Carlos’s first time rolling the d20s. For vets like Johnathan, Zach, and Jo, it’s still an adventure we didn’t expect. Raffy takes us on a Dungeons and Dragons adventure as only a QPOC could.

What twists and turns await our aspiring adventurers? What lurks in the forgotten places of Waterdeep? With special editing and sound design by Jo, get ready for a ride.

Dungeons and Dragons is given a special place in the hearts of many queer and trans people of color. For some, it’s a safe way to try on new identities. It’s a playful way to explore who we are.

If you never played the game before, we hope you enjoy our quest. If you’re an old hat at D&D, maybe you’ll be inspired for your next game.

From all of us at This QPOC Life, we wish you a Happy Holiday and can’t wait to be back with you in 2020!


For D&D newbies:   

How Dungeons and Dragons Became So Wonderfully Gay:   


Raffy Regulus:

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