Reclaiming My Self-Care

Reclaiming My Self-Care

Reclaiming My Self-Care

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The gang is back catching up about post-Midterm elections and have a roundtable chat about self-care. Carlos reaches Petty Level 9000, Jo Lee gets lit AF and Johnathan goes west. Our very own, United States Congress wins Bloop of the Week.

The Tea

We talk about the generosity of Pittsburgh’s Muslim community to the Tree of Life synagogue, a sweep of historic wins as Democrats succeed in flipping the House, and what a more equitable Congress looks like.

Bloop of the Week: Congress

With a Blue Congress on the horizon, there is a shining beacon of hope… and she HAS the time. Maxine Waters will be leading the Finance Committee with the power to subpoena ol’ 45. Will C-Span become must-see TV?

Reclaiming My Self-Care

We begin every episode discussing what we’ve done for self-care. It’s our belief on that self-care is a radical act as a QPOC. We go around the table discussing what genuine self-care can look like, when it might become an indulgence, and letting yourself off the hook.

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