Throwbacks and Face Cracks

Throwbacks and Face Cracks

Throwbacks and Face Cracks

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We take a look back at some of our favorite moments of from year one! Johnathan’s ready to set it off, Jo Lee wakes up and pays attention and Carlos is a BOSS.

We talk about the White House and trans erasure, “Yes on 3” in Massachusets, the hottest states of the midterm elections, and internalized racism on Dr. Phil.

Read this article from Vox to learn more about the key states in the upcoming midterm elections. If you live in these states or know people who do: mobilize and VOTE!

Bloop of the Week: Megyn Kelly

It’s a Halloween miracle. NBC has had it with Megyn Kelly… OFFICIALLY! Twitter, television and Al Roker got her RIGHT together after she defends blackface. The Megyn Kelly Show has since been canceled.

Throwbacks and Face Cracks

What a year it has BEEN! We share some awesome milestones, including how many times our community has tuned in! We share highlights, our most listened to Top 5 episodes, and Carlos spooks her own tea.

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