So you want to have your Say on the Podcast? Well follow these directions and begin talking to us right from your phone. If you’re uncomfortable with the video aspect, just point the camera to a wall or something, we’re only going to use the audio, tbh.

1- Install the free SAY app using one of the following two links:

Get Say on Android 

Get Say on Apple iOS

2- Activate the app by inputing your phone number and name from the Profile tab (far right tab at the bottom of the screen). Be sure and add your profile picture and use your real name so that we can identify your audition responses correctly.

3- From the Discover tab (bottom left tab), scroll to “This QPOC Life” and tap. Join the group.

4- You can now flip through the card stack of posts from TQPOCL. Your audition now begins.

5- By tapping the yellow SAY button, post authentic responses to as many of the segments as you feel comfortable. Make sure your posts represent an actual knowledge or authentic response to the TQPOCL commentary. Your purpose is to be engaging, interesting and responsive. This is not a “fan” response but a response to the material itself in a way that might further engage the crew, other respondents or be shared during the podcast.