I Am Not My Hair

Episode 71 You, dear listener, might have wavy, curly, coily, or kinky hair. TODAY, we're talking about the obsession with our hair. Not our own obsession with our hair, #TeamNatural.…

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Holidazed and Confused

2018 left us feeling dazed and confused. Hoodwinked. Run amok. So, let's kiki and have some laughs. Johnathan makes off like a bandit, Jo Lee has bestie time, Carlos is…

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Throwbacks and Face Cracks

We take a look back at some of our favorite moments of from year one! Johnathan's ready to set it off, Jo Lee wakes up and pays attention and Carlos is a BOSS. We talk about the White House and trans erasure, "Yes on 3" in Massachusets, the hottest states of the midterm elections, and internalized racism on Dr. Phil. Megyn Kelly wins Bloop of the Week.

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Hey Xorje! Queer on the Borderline

In Episode 32, the Core Four welcome our guest Xorje Olivares (@XorjeO & @HeyXorje). Xorje is a queer Mexican-American radio personality and columnist who hosts Affirmative Reaction on SiriusXM Progress, Channel 127. Carlos becomes an assassin in their spare time, Zach's out of pills, Jo Lee is on #ThisFentyLife, and Johnathan sends Zach late-night messages.

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Friends and Monsters

In Episode 31, the Core Four chop it up about what to do when you realize your friends and favs might be problematic. We discuss Honey Davenport's exit at The…

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